It all started with a click

As long as I can remember, I have always been surrounded by technology and the endless urge to be connected with the world. This could be accredited to growing up in the 90’s and early 2000’s which has always been considered the era of ‘Digital Natives’ thus becoming the founders of the social media movement.

Like many millennials, I cannot picture life without being highly connected to technology and the daily need to social media ‘scroll’. Some may believe this is a horrible existence,‘an addiction causing a technological illness that society must immediately address’ causing the death of the generation. However, Boyd’s direct attention to adult condemnation of technology for millennials undesirable behaviours without the recognition of cultural, social and personal factors are ripe with my way of thinking. Captivation in this digital abundant lifestyle and culture offers access to information, communicating with friends and family that you may not see on a regular basis and keeping up to date with trending news and events. Thus, developing wisdom requires active learning, hence digital natives collect many technological skills through broad experimentation with social media and intrusiveness to web based sites.

In my early adolescent years, given my fluency and comfort with technology, I stumbled across many blog posts and social media ‘gurus’ who gushed over destinations with amazing scenery. Those tropical beaches with pearly white sand and transparent blue water, to meeting orphans in third world countries and exploring the rich culture that these under developed countries have to offer was the first taste of ‘wanderlust’ which in turn, gave me a huge appetite to travel. In my  short 22 years of existence, I have been blessed with being able to travel to over 15 different countries and I can unquestionably hold technology platforms responsible for my love to travel.

I am excited to see the evolving trends of technology and social media that will be presented to us over many years to come and how we as ‘Digital Natives’ emerge with these changes as we mature with age.


3 thoughts on “It all started with a click

  1. It’s great how you found your love for travel through online technology. It’s true that we wouldn’t really know as much as we could, without the help of online technology, about the amazing places on other parts of the world, e.g. travel destinations. It definitely opens up opportunities for us to learn about immense information that surrounds us. I wonder what other hobbies or interests you discovered through this technology?


  2. Hi Tyler, I have a research project called Travel in the Digital Age that might be of interest to you: – its really great that the web opened up the world to you and inspired you to travel. I’m intrigued to know how travel features as part of your online identity now too – perhaps that’s a topic for a follow up post!

    If you decide to submit this post for assessment, you could weave in some academic literature to support your argument. For example, while you do take a strong stance on the web as a positive tech, you could back that up with evidence that supports your view. Maybe danah boyd’s book could help you here (free online):


  3. This was really interesting to read! I too have traveled to many different parts of the world and I honestly couldn’t even begin to imagine the process involved in planning a trip without the use of modern day technology. With that being said, maybe your next blog post could be about what your favourite technologies are when scoping out your next travel destination. Is it an app or website?


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